Passion, intention and a radical embodiment of life are at the core of Andy’s being. Underneath his relaxed yet energetic optimism towards life runs a deep drive to add more beauty to the world, and he wholeheartedly embraces all aspects of creating each piece in his collection. Andy collaborates with craftsmen and artists whose work he admires, including the stonecutters who provide him with proprietary cuts with which to work, as well as artisans that employ ancient jewelry making techniques, or the most state-of-the-art technology, in finalizing his creative vision.

The influences in Andy’s life transcend space and time. His legacy is rooted in a long list of artists and innovators, and he reveres the beauty they’ve left in the world, the ways in which they made the planet a better place, and the love they’ve imparted in him. Andy is drawn to creativity in others. He deeply admires his wife’s brilliance as a dancer and actress, and he counts accomplished poets and photographers and visual artists among his closest friends. He is immersed in a constant flow of creative energy that perpetually beckons him from the horizon to create more, to be more mindful, to be ever-present.

The Andy Lif Jewelry collection is crafted in 18k gold and often incorporates plique-à-jour in combination with diamonds or exquisitely colored gemstones. His jewelry is sculptural and refined, elegant in its subtlety, bold in its creativity. His jewelry is made to be worn. From the perfect huggie earring a woman never needs to take off, to dramatic hoops that are comfortable enough to wear all day, to show-stopping cocktail rings, his work establishes a solid foundation for any jewelry wardrobe and works seamlessly with a woman’s existing jewelry collection.